Jeff Buckley

I had the honor of interviewing singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley in November August (thank you, Mercedes, for the correct month), 1994 at The Point in Atlanta, GA. The interview ran in “Ink 19,” originally an alternative print music magazine out of Melbourne, FL.

I sure miss Jeff”s voice, music and spirit. He was incredibly gifted, as was his dad, the late Tim Buckley. We lost Jeff in May of ’97. And what a tragic loss it was. This is a scan of the article. I need to find the original so I can embiggen it (Flickr fans will get that term…).

Photo taken backstage before the show of Jeff (left) and, I believe, Michael Grondahl backstage at The Point.

Jeff Buckley and Michael Tighe

Read more to view the original interview.

Article from “Ink Nineteen,” December, 1994 edition.

Jeff Buckley Ink 19 Interview

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  1. Besides his amazing vocal and technical talent, Jeff was a discerning, astute, singular individual. Always a pleasure to listen to, or read, his thoughts. I very much enjoyed the article.

    1. He was an amazing performer and singer. There hasn’t been anyone like him since and never will. With all of these singing competitions on TV, I’ve yet to hear a voice that floored me the way Jeff’s voice did. So sad.

  2. Thanks so much for this! ❤🙏 However, Jeff performed at the point Aug. 6, not November, 1994 ☺

  3. Hi Hillary! I had a question for you: I know more your interview with Jeff appeared in UR Magazine…is there any chance-if you still have it and it’s not too much trouble of course-you wouldn’t mind sending it to me via my email I’d love to read it! If not, no worries, but I’d figured I’d ask…thanks for reading!

    1. Hi Mercedes,

      So sorry I missed your comment here. I’ll see if I can dig up the article and send to you.

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