Twenty Eleven plugins that can help with customization

There are a couple of recommended plugins for Twenty Eleven that can take the headache out of figuring out some of the coding. Especially when it comes to resizing headers or moving the navigation bar to the top of the site.

Search for the following plugins in which you can either install them from the backend of your site or manually through ftp.

Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions

Once you install this plugin, you will find it under Appearance.

Each option offers a help box, so if you want to know what the choices do simply click the question mark.

Options offered:

  • Widget Sidebar
  • Widget Titles
  • Headline Post
  • Header Image Size
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom CSS

Upper Menu for Twenty Eleven

This plugin will basically set your navigation up above the header image and round the corners. There’s no setting for it, just once you activate it the job is done. If you don’t like it, deactivate the plugin.

Of course, if you’re good with code and CSS you can always try to restyle the way these things look, but I leave that up to you.