Jeff Buckley

I had the honor of interviewing singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley in November August (thank you, Mercedes, for the correct month), 1994 at The Point in Atlanta, GA. The interview ran in “Ink 19,” originally an alternative print music magazine out of Melbourne, FL.

I sure miss Jeff”s voice, music and spirit. He was incredibly gifted, as was his dad, the late Tim Buckley. We lost Jeff in May of ’97. And what a tragic loss it was. This is a scan of the article. I need to find the original so I can embiggen it (Flickr fans will get that term…).

Photo taken backstage before the show of Jeff (left) and, I believe, Michael Grondahl backstage at The Point.

Jeff Buckley and Michael Tighe

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Pinterest for fun, fashion and food

I’m learning more and more about Pinterest each day. I use it at work to post images that promote the college I work for. We’ve got our first student blogger, or Pinner, posting to a Tumblr account and then pinning her pics on our Pinterest page for one specific board. It’s a start. The demographics are overwhelmingly female, but that’s more than half our student population so… you never know.

But in the meantime, I’m sure having fun with my own. I found a plugin I like called Alpine PhotoTile for Pinterest, a WordPress plugin by the Alpine Press. It creates a shortcode that you place on the post or page. You can adjust the shortcode and preview it within the plugin for various layout choices, lightboxes and whether or not an image will click over to the Pinterest page or simply just load an image. I like it so much (and it’s extremely easy to use) I will check out their other plugins for Instagram and Flickr. They also make plugins for 500, Picassa, Smug Mug and Tumblr.

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